Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Tired 2010 Retrospective

As salaam alaikum,

For the first time in years, I don't feel like doing a huge retrospective entry of the year. I started out going through my journals from January-May and realized that, besides deciding that I must deliver babies, that surgery is not for me, and that family medicine was my new love of life. In May, after book club one day, I had a premonition that I'd end up with B, and then, months later, it came to pass. I started public health school, and at present am slightly more confused about my career than I had been in the past. I had one of the best Ramadans ever, since I wasn't in the midst of a tiring rotation. I finished RMD and gave it to close friends and family to read...and that's in process right now.

And that was my 2010. My January through April were pretty deplorable because of surgery, May was cool because of family medicine, public health school has been an opportunity for me to center myself, and B...well, that's a work in progress.

It's so much of a work in progress that it doesn't feel right to do a retrospective of the year yet. What's before me is probably the biggest thing to happen yet in my life, and I'm trying to sort through it all. Your du'as are appreciated.

But I look forward to the new year...this new artificial demarcation in my life that, just now, feels more artificial than ever, to see what will come of it all.

Prayerfully, I move, life just got a little scary again!

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