Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Too Much

As salaam alaikum,

In life, there is too much to do, too much to be, too much to start and too much to read. You should never be bored, ever.


I'm reading two books at once, each one changing my life as I read. I'm reading, Love, InshAllah (in order...I'm not reading my contribution yet!) and I'm reading Muhammad by Martin Lings. Wow. Our Prophet (saw) was gorgeous, masha'Allah, in a way that it's taken me all these years to know, because it's taken me all these years to get this book. I think it's a must read for all Muslims, especially those of us with no aspirations to be scholars. I feel like it's something we should know and it will challenge and deepen our faiths.

Next, I'm reading The Veil and the Male Elite, just to variar.

And after this, I'll need some good fiction to read. Any suggestions would be awesome! I especially need to read more stuff with multiple narrators. I may reread Delirio by Laura Restrepo (in Spanish), since it was the inspiration for the way I lay out RMD, but I need to see more examples of this to make it work.

I have two other story ideas brewing...one, of course, is The Misadventures of Nisa, which has accompanying music I'm composing, and another, which does not of yet have a working title. That's three projects! My first is always RMD, for now Nisa is just me working on the music (and then researching how to write a screenplay). The other one, I'll be plotting out as I go...it's just in the imagining stage, as RMD was after I wrote the paragraph for a crreative writing class this time in 2007 (five years ago!).

There is yet still much more for me to read about, learn about, become and pray for. There is too much of the world to begin! People like to cry out for the end of times, but instead of worrying about that, let's do more than just making due with what we have! Let's do what God set us here for, which is not to mope about the present and hasten, as if our will had anything to do with it, the Day of Judgment.

The Center of Awesomeness is in full bloom, and I pray that it never leaves me.

And while it feels like so much now...there's so much more. And I'll take it!

...and I'm sorry, I had this song in my head, too...

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