Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Child of my Dreams


Heh, I guess I've watched, "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" one too many times.

I had a dream that I gave birth to a baby boy last night...while still in medical school. I was in the middle of my public health year, and I went to the hospital and gave birth to a 7lb 6oz baby boy. I don't recall knowing I was pregnant before then.

In fact, as relatives and friends began to visit me to see the baby, I began to wonder...who the father was? By the end of the dream, I hadn't really figured that out, but I figured out that I'd conceived as a result of one interaction that I barely remembered.

I went through the first few days of motherhood in the dream. I was so excited! I was like, yes, I succeeded in having a child before 30 (I don't a child, I always wanted to have a child before the age of 30, because that was the age at which my mother had her first child). I had a child, as I was worried that I may never have children of my own. But then I was like...crap, I have no job, I have no income, I have no way of supporting a child right now. I must have had the child during break or something, because I wasn't worried about missing classes or anything.

As I went to the kitchen to prepare to feed my child (I was, like, holding him the entire time during the dream), I was like, "Oh crap...I haven't named this child yet!" I thought about it, and I decided to give him maybe 1-2 middle names. Before I woke up, I first thought about first I wanted to name him Hassan, but then I regretted that I hadn't had twins to name them Hassan and Hasna, or Thais and Thiago, and then I decided, oh well...and I named him Thiago Hassan...

Then I transitioned into another dream.

When I woke up, I was relieved that I hadn't, in fact, had a child. I had been thinking in my dream, well, I guess this is one of those things in life that doesn't go your way, or as planned...but that mess kind of would have to have been the immaculate conception, because it's kind of hard to conceive a child...without ever having had sex...hahaha!

But Thiago Hassan, huh? I like it! I may save that for my first son.

Thiago, of course, pronounced the Brazilian Portuguese way...CHI-ah-goo.

What does this dream mean? No idea.

It was fun to have a kid in a dream, though. That hasn't really happened since college, and I've never gotten to name them before...with, like, names I've actually considered.

Sei lá...


  1. It's crazy. When I first started following your xanga blog, you were in MI applying to med school. now you're nearly done. SubhanAllah, how time/life passes quickly.

    - Sadiq Patel (the pakistinian)

  2. Salaam!

    Long time, dude! I didn't know you were still around the blogosphere! And I know, time and life pass so quickly. I can't believe that, if I weren't about to take a year to get my MPH, I'd be a doctor this time next year... Medical school really flew...and I have so much more to learn!

    Nice of you to drop by. :)