Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dony! Doni! Done!

As salaam alaikum!

It's done! It's done! Yes yes yes done done done!

What's done? My story, of course!

A Rose Much Desired is done! Yayayayayayay!

I was kind of dizzy because I haven't eaten all day...not because I spent all day writing this, nor am I fasting right now. It was unwise of me to not eat in my condition wink wink ladies you know what I'm talking about wink, but I had tons of stuff to do, wanted to finish my work for my sexuality class early, cleaned my pigsty of a room while listening to Pandora, all of this stuff...and then I just decided to sit down at about 3:30pm to finish the story, now that I'd come up with an idea for the second-to-last chapter, and I just went for it. The last chapter was very quick to write, because I've known what happens in the last chapter forever, and there it was!

I was finished as of 5pm tonight. After three years (because I started writing it November 1, 2007, right?), 256 pages 10 point Verdana double spaced, 93,000-some words, the first novel that I've ever written as an adult is finished. Alhamdulillah!, for the gargantuan task of editing it...a second time. The first read through of it started in May, as I was starting my family medicine rotation. I've spent the last three or four months writing the last 40 pages or so, and now, it's done!


Editing it will take me a little bit of time, and then after I edit through it once, I'm soliciting my cousins, my mother and B to read it. B...hahaha, we'll see what he thinks of me after he reads it, but he wants to read it, so I'm like, ohhh-kay...

And then, while folks are reading it, I'll look into this publishing thing...I just want to try my hand at getting published, just once!, here's hoping I don't hate it when I read it.

I hope I can get it published so everyone who's known I was writing it can read it! Yayayay!

It's a celebration!


  1. Yeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh! I'm so excited for you. If you want my help in anyway let me know.

  2. Thanks, m'dear! I'll let you know...for now, it's time for me to buy a writer's market book and figure out how to go about finding an idea about these things!

  3. What a beautiful song on stars. It is 1230 and I am quite sleepy. Was going to ask you to pray for me so I can continue to figure out ways to move forward.