Sunday, November 21, 2010


As salaam alaikum,

So yes. B has to meet my friends, because they're starting to say ridiculous things. People are demanding pictures of him, and I'm like, I supposed to carry around pictures of him? Are we supposed to have taken pictures together? People really want to meet him. In due time...sometime after Thanksgiving, I'll invite him to a gathering of friends.

The most ridiculous thing ever was said by my classmate and friend, my roommate's best friend, yesterday morning:

"Isn't that, like, against the law in their country of origin?" Aaaaahahahahahahaha!

Poor B. His friends are all normal people. My friends are all crazy.

My friends my scare him a little, actually. That's okay. It'll build character...especially when he meets my ex-roommate.

...she'll probably think he's gay.

(I told you my friends were crazy!)

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