Saturday, February 12, 2011


Congratulations, youth of Egypt, for doing something that your elders doubted you could do, standing long and strong for the liberties that are within our rights as human beings!

Thank you for educating me.

Rest momentarily for the long journey ahead.


  1. And the elders have also gained. I can't believe my mother just told me things have changed for her too. That she used to be kind of embarrassed to be Egyptian and watching our dignity get trampled on in so many examples and now she is proud. It is so surreal, the elders did indeed think that it wasn't possible and now they are just awestruck by it all. It is almost like Prophet Joseph going from being a slave, then jailed, then becoming the King of Egypt. We have gone from low self esteem and being politically imprisoned to the admiration of the globe. All my cynical friends were amazed when Friday rolled around and he resigned. I felt like the score was "One" for Young and Optimistic and "Zero" for Jaded and Cynical.

  2. Yes! Masha''s amazing to see the older people be surprised about something. Smaller scale, kind of, but I felt the same way when I saw my grandparents' reaction to Obama being elected. They went from the attitude of, "that black man doesn't know what he's doing" to "I can't believe we saw the first black president in our lifetime."

    It is so awesome to have seen what a youth movement can do, and I think in a similar way that learning about the early stages of the community health center movement helped me know that anything is possible when it comes to improving the health of minorities and the poor in this country, the young people helped show me that anything is possible for improving the condition of entire nations, insha'Allah.

  3. You know I thought the same thing about the parallel of when Obama was elected and how the entire world was cheering. And he proved the cynics wrong. I'm glad you can draw personal inspiration for the work you want to do as a doctor, I also drew personal inspiration from it and so did others. People love to see the Phoenix rise.