Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back to Life

As salaam alaikum,

So, an update on me and my life...

I'm on my sub-internship right now, and even with strict sign-out and no overnight call, my time is at a premium. I've been out of the hospital for 3 hours now and I'll just be going back in another 9.5...7 of those I plan to spend sleeping, at least. And there goes my day. I get a day off on Sunday, then I work 13 days straight, then I get a day off on Saturday, then I work six days, then I'm done...

I hear the sound of the bed alarm in my head now...one of my wily patients set that mug off every five minutes...poor nurses.

I just watched and thoroughly enjoyed my novela, which makes me wonder...what am I going to do if I ever don't have a novela to watch? I'll switch and watch an old 6pm novela...and therefore, I know I'm going to be one of those old ladies watching their stories...except, mine will be in Portuguese!

Ramadan is in a little bit over a month! I need to make sure I'm ready...I can't believe a lunar year has passed since the last one. So much has happened in this year...so many regrettable things. I wish I were still with B, and that'd we'd still be making plans to marry. Life goes on, I guess.

I think I'll go to sleep now and read up on my patients in the AM, because I'm post call and sleepy. Being that we potentially admit patients every day except post-call days, there is no respite. I'll take it and run with it...I'm enjoying the experience.

In summary (as I'm getting used to summarizing notes): I'm enjoying my sub-I so far, my novela is tudo, Ramadan is in a month, and I miss B. Men, however, are never there when you need them or want them to be (at least largely in my experience), so life goes on.


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