Friday, June 25, 2010

Get Ready for Me, Love, 'Cause I'm a Comer!

As salaam alaikum,

I encourage you to read my previous entry, "A Rose Much Desired," which is about the story I'm currently writing...A Rose Much Desired. Why? Because I'm shamelessly plugging, that's why. One of these days, I'll actually finish my first round of edits so I can actually finish this thing...

So, my roommate and I have finally found something to bond over...we've been watching "Glee" nightly. Last night, we watched at least three episodes back to back. We ended on the half-season finale, "Sectionals." Man, that show takes me back to my favorite part of high school (the only part I miss, actually) I ended high school in the symphony band, having participated in both concert band and concert orchestra in my time in the band. I pretty much stopped improving after junior year, though, and I put my clarinet aside to pursue my pre-medical education.

...but I'm still absolutely in love with performance. There's nothing like getting on stage as part of an ensemble, hearing how your part interacts with someone else's, hearing an end result that's different every time, depending on how many parts you have in your head at once. It's amazing.

Anyway, "Glee" actually does remind me of my high school experience, having come up in the Midwest. They gave shout outs to pop and Cedar Point, which my roommate knows nothing about.

I went to Cedar Point's website and found out that they haven't constructed any new rides since I was last there 7 years ago. Amazing...for a while, they had a new ride every year.

Anyway, in the episode "Sectionals," Lea Michele (as Rachel Berry) sings "Rain on My Parade," which was originally performed by Barbara Streisand in the Broadway musical and film "Funny Girl." And I listened to the actual lyrics of the song, and I thought, hey, this is actually a really good song.

By the way...I like musicals, a lot. I think I'm going to spend my entire summer watching musicals.

I read about Omar Sharif after I watched this clip. He co-starred with Barbara Streisand. I didn't realize that he was born Catholic and converted to Islam in 1955! That's super cool! Converts rule, and I'm not saying that because I come from a family of converts...or maybe I am!

"Get ready for me, love, 'cause I'm a comer! I simply got to march, my heart's a drummer..."

That's cool. I'm going to start saying that whenever anyting gets me down. I'm just going to keep going, every day...

Haha, I know it's really corny, but it's true, at least for me...



  1. ha, ha, I am feeling you on Glee and musicals in general. I thought it was a dumb idea at first, but I ended watching the first 8-12 episodes over one weekend and then followed the show pretty religiously each week.

    I love performance art! can't relate to their high school experience though, we just didn't have the "popular" untouchables vs. the dweebs thing. eh,

  2. I am feeling you on the Musicals and glee tip (part of the reason why I love Bollywood).

    performance art is awesome!

    I watched the first like 8-12 episodes of glee over one weekend and have been hooked ever since.

  3. Wasn't sure which one you wanted, so I left both, hahaha. :) Hope you don't mind...

    We didn't have the popularity thing either, really...or if we did, I didn't care so much about it that I didn't notice it at all. My high school was definitely more like Glee's high school than my first school at an all black school district, where band was cool. No one cared about the band but the people in band at my high school...therefore, I did.

    Yeah, my roommate and I are on episode 19 right now, so almost finished. I want them to find someone for Mercedes next season...sisters always getting the short end of the stick!