Thursday, June 10, 2010

Someday, He'll Come Along...

{Currently listening to: "The Man I Love" - Caetano Veloso}

As salaam alaikum,

As has become customary for this blog, yes, I always link to YouTube links of whatever song I'm thinking of or actually listening to at the time. This one is placed at the beginning of the entry because I'm basing the title off of the song.

Yes, the song is sung by a man...a straight, non-bi man, mind you. Figure that out. It's a beautiful rendition, but seriously, very Brazilian of him to sing this song. I feel like folks are like, "Gosto tanto dessa música" (I love this song) and then sing it, no matter what gender was originally meant to sing the song.

I guess that's like me and "Time Takes Two" by Robert Cray. I love singing that song, even though I actually change the "So proud to be your man," to "So proud to be your girl."


"Someday he'll come along, the man I love. And he'll be big and strong, the man I love..."

My roommate and I were talking over dinner, and something interesting happened. Unlike anyone that I've ever met, she actually described the type of man that she thought I'd end up with.

I was like, whoa, really? No one, including me, could actually imagine that.

Her reasoning? She figured that I reminded her a lot of one of our mutual friends, so she saw me ending up with a guy like this mutual friend. A kind of serious, very intellectual guy.

Which is hilarious, because I actually see myself with kind of the opposite...I think I'm marked by my last experience, but I saw myself with a kind of goofy, fun loving, though serious when it's necessary type of guy. She doesn't see that happening at all, apparently.

A serious intellectual, huh? ...I could see that working.

And I shared with her this vision that I have...of waking up in the morning to have a breakfast of toast and an all-white kitchen, for some reason, wearing pastel-colored pajamas (hey, I'm just describing what I see in my mind's eye) with my husband, reading newspapers from different countries, perhaps in different languages, sharing with each other the top stories of the day and comparing the spin between sources before ending breakfast and continuing on our work, or wherever.

I mean, I'm a goofy person at heart, too, a little bit...but...interesting.

No one's ever been able to tell me what type of guy they saw me ending up with, and granted, she knows me just a little...but the fact that she said I'm a lot like my best friend here, she's got something right.

In the end, it's going to be interesting, whatever type of guy that I decide to end up with.

I'd never actually heard the whole recording of Caetano's "The Man I Love." That's actually a nice recording. I'll have to download it. It's from a novela that I watched, "Viver a Vida."

It would be really convenient if I met someone during public health year...actually, it would also be a really bad time, unless they were willing to follow my whims and fancies and move to whatever part of the country I was going, hahaha...

There is no convenient time to meet people as a medical student or a resident. Every time is a bad time.

We'll see...

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