Saturday, October 23, 2010


As salaam alaikum,

This is what I live saying...people are foolishly afraid of Muslims, not realizing that not all of us are identifiable by "garb" or by name...and some of them may be your favorite people. Like Dave Chappelle and Mos Def.

So people afraid of Muslims now should be very afraid...there are a whole lot of us, and some of us are black, too. Double trouble!

Pictures of Muslims Wearing Things.

My profile picture is also a picture of a Muslim wearing something. My name is Chinyere. I like striped shirts and sometimes large teddy bears. That one is named Hughbert. I call him Huggy for short.

Hmm, true facts...if you search "Hughbert" on google image, you get a lot of teddy bears. I must admit, I did name that one based on the name given on the tag...a little lazy of me? Yes.

By the way, G. Willow Wilson? I like her style.

This link has been courtesy my facebook friends.

That is all.

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