Friday, October 1, 2010

The First Conundrum

As salaam alaikum,


So, I met up with my friend, her boyfriend, and this guy who I apparently have to come up with a nickname for because he's going to be in my life for a bit. Let's call him B. Heh.

So B and I are taking over Africa Night while my friend and her boyfriend are in South Africa. I was really tired after Toilet Pipe Flood 2010 in my apartment got us up at 5:50am yesterday morning (more on that later) and a long day at the school of public health.

Anyway, B and I had these really awkward conversations and then he walked me home. I'm going with him to some of the events on Saturday for Harvard's Nigerian group's conference celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Nigerian Independence.

And I just realized this morning that I don't know the words to the national anthem...I mean, I was born here and if Nigeria has been-tos, I'm a never-been. There are several reasons for that. all of a sudden being kind of with a Nigerian (kind of, because we're still just friends, shhhh...) is forcing me to be more Nigerian than I've ever had to be. Now I'm worried about what I'm wearing to this gala and my hair! My roommate, who is also Nigerian, said she would help me out.

In dealing with this guy I realize...this whole burgeoning possible relationship thing is something that I have no idea about, apparently. Either that, or we're both awkward and I'm foolishly thinking it's just me!

Anyway, I need to get ready to go to class in 15 minutes. The first conundrum I feared...

This weekend at IBSCC mosque, the dude who is one of the founders of the Ta'leef Collective in California is running a one-day intensive especially for young Muslims (students and professionals) and reverts. Google Ta'leef to see what it's about, I don't have time to explain it now. I would have loved to go to it, and I think it's about what I need right now, but I've already agreed to go with this guy to the Nigeria thing...

And, faster than I expected, my Muslim identity is butting heads with my Nigerian identity like it hasn't had to in so long. Honestly, the reason I don't do more Nigerian things is because I'm always the paradoxical Igbo Muslim and I don't like to deal with that.

But this guy knows that about me, and still is interested...!

He likes me, I can't self-deny it. He does, and I like him...mainly because he likes me, though, I'm not going to lie.

Okay, I need to finish morning routine, but mannn...I wish I could go to that intensive. I'm going to go to a free lecture insha'Allah tonight instead of the whole day tomorrow thing, which is only $25, but aahhhh...I would pick this weekend to start romancing a Nigerian man!

...oh, and I finally told my roommates about him. They were very upset that I hadn't been sharing, haha! I'm sorry, roommies...

Hahahaha, wasalaam.

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