Saturday, October 9, 2010

Random Update

As salaam alaikum,

Yep, deleted my last post. It wasn't charitable, so I kept it to myself.

Other than that, life is good. There's nothing more really to say about that right now. I saw this film, Budrus, with B, and though we were some of the youngest people there (it reminds me of Saturdays at Kendall Cinema), it was still a good...thing.

We got Chinese food after wandering into Chinatown. We had a really random conversation, and then he walked me home...well, we took the T home, and then he walked me home.

I realize that this is really devoid of details and therefore the antithesis of exciting, but I find myself somehow distracted by hunger this morning...

Besides that, I have a little bit of work to do this weekend, a paper to start writing. I wrote the second to last chapter of RMD, hated it, and will probably rewrite it before I write the ending. I realize my problem in this project is that when I write conservative Muslims, it's somehow hard to flesh them particular two characters, Noor and Jameel. Noor at this point exists in the story as an invisible character who is mentioned a lot but never appears (I eliminated her chapter). Jameel could be the same, but I kind of what to include him. The thing is, when you spend an entire story alluding to a character then they pop up at the end, it needs to be worth the wait...and right now, it's lackluster. It just means that I need to spend more time on that chapter than I will have to the others, that's fine.

Anyway, I end with the trailer for Budrus. It premiered in New York City and Boston last night, coming to an independent theatre near you!

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