Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Love

As salaam alaikum,

For a brief interlude...this song is awesome. I really thought it was from one of Stevie's 80s albums, like In Square Circle or something, from the way it sounds. It's more than the fact that he's using a's also the way the music is written to make it sound really 80s, one of my favorite decades for music despite its gaudiness.

Anyway, this song is from 2007, with Julio Iglesias. If you go to the YouTube page, all of the comments are in Portuguese because of the novela. Little things like this make me love life that much more. Globalization is awesome, and so is the internet!

My love is greater than to limit it for a future partner in life. I had a moment of fraqueza. I will move on, and I will be fine, and I will be all the beautiful I've ever been.

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