Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Big Beautiful

As salaam alaikum,

Big beautiful, huh? Big beautiful life! Life is so vast and so gorgeous to me right now, I can't wrap my head around it! So amazing. So so amazing. I'm not even articulate now, it's so amazing.

How do I feel? Overjoyed. It's like, nothing in particular has happened, but this Ramadan has brought me happiness overflowing. Cusp of tears happiness like I described earlier. I'm not even using complete sentences anymore!

My happiness is best characterized by {True - Spandau Ballet}. No embed...probably for the better.

I thought of this song suddenly after not really having known it existed past those 80s CD commercials that played in the 90s. I randomly thought about it around the end of 2006, while I was watching this telenovela "La fea más bella" and it will always remind me of the romance of Fernando and Lety...before Lety finds out that Fernando had at first seduced her for the sake of the company. So, like, their romance before all hell breaks loose.


My happiness is characterized by this song because it reminds me of those happy times as a junior in college watching my goofy Mexican telenovela, and...because I always thinks it speaks to that inalienable truth that many of us have in our lives. That there is God, and all He encompasses...

I watched the sun set today. If you watch it long enough, you can see it inch downward on the horizon. It was gorgeous.

Everything is making me happy right now! I watched a clip from my favorite movie, got to that cusp of tears thing again. I'm just thinking about the expanse of life and human experience, and the fact that even with all of our differences we are one, and someday insha'Allah I'm going to find someone who believes that as I do and it's just going to be awesomeness...it's pretty amazing.

So here I am, big beautiful life, ready to live you every day that Allah (swt) intends for me. And the night is young, and I don't have class until noon tomorrow. Alhamdulillah!

...now, to pray that this Earl hurricane character stays at bay...keep us all in your du'as! We'll need them in the face of this category 4 deal headed toward this coast.

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