Sunday, August 1, 2010


As salaam alaikum,

My dream world is such an interesting place. Right before I woke up, I had a couple of dreams. I remember this one that was a combination of Glee and Peter Pan, except Peter Pan was played by that guy from Napoleon Dynamite. In the dream, there was Puck, Santana, Quinn and Finn were mentioned...and Napoleon Pan, or something. This other kid was not normally cool, but he had a nice car that Puck tried to pretend was his.

Haha, I don't know why I had a Glee dream. It's not like I've looked at it in a while.

Then, immediately before I woke up, after I fell asleep hearing the garage door open and close, I had a dream that I went downstairs in the morning and my brother asked for breakfast, that he was hungry. I went in to make him pop tarts, but for some reason, I couldn't make them for him, some reason in the dream that didn't make sense. Then, later on in the day, I was sitting at the table after another dream had realized itself (don't remember that one) and my mother was in the kitchen, loading the dishwasher, and asked me to help. At first, I was disrespectful, saying I was tired. Then, I realized the audacity of my ways, and I got up to help her put on some vegetables for dinner. There was no more broccoli chopped, so I did that. I cleaned off the chopping board but it was stained with tomato stew and oil and hard to clean.

I woke up, brushed my teeth (this is real life now, by the way), and came down the stairs because it was past 9:30am and I knew my brother may be down here alone, something that is not preferred by my parents, even though he doesn't have a lot of seizures anymore. Sure enough, he was sitting at the computer, alone. I asked him where our mother was, and he told me that she'd gone to the store because there were no more pop tarts.

I hear the dishwasher going in the kitchen...

It's really funny that I just dreamed that I couldn't make him a pop tarts breakfast and that my mother was loading the dishwasher. It's almost like part of my awareness was downstairs at that moment.

No real significance, just thought it was kind of funny.


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