Sunday, September 26, 2010

Encontros e Despedidas

As salaam alaikum,

So, I love this song. I'ma translate it...

But first, random updates:

(1) I just met a woman who reminded me of myself...physically, I mean. She looked like me. We were the same coloring, similar build, everything. Especially her face...we had, like, the same eyes. It was creepy. I always say I've never met someone who looks like me, whereas most people have a physical type that fits them. She was it for me. She was at our book club (in which we actually never read books, we watch documentaries, but whatever) with her husband, and she's about 26 weeks pregnant. Hahaha, it makes me feel like a weird narcissist to say she was gorgeous, but what can I say? I've never met someone who looked so much like me, and if I think I look gorgeous, of course, by the transitive property, she would be, too! Masha'Allah!

And (2) a few months ago, like, back in April when book club was still new, I met this guy, and it's funny when you know that you're eventually going to be involved with a person. It's like, you have this intuition, and you know, but you don't want to believe it in your mind, but you know. Yeah. He's back in the country now after a trip to...Indonesia, I think, and after book club we departed with a rushed, "We should hang out!" And we should. I'll say more about him after we actually hang out, but wow. I was smiling like the Cheshire Cat on the T and was so happy like I haven't been since I was a teen on the campuses of the University of Michigan (by the way, great job with ball so far, babes!). I find when I'm really happy, I get hit on a lot more. Three men shouted out to me from cars yesterday...I haven't gotten that much attention since I was 21 years old!

More about this book club, which I fondly nicknamed "Africa Night," and this guy later.

Okay, enough with the updates...I'm going to have to get up on some Milton Nascimento, who wrote this song. This song was great for Maria took me a while to warm up to her, though, easier once I stopped expecting to hear Elis Regina...

Send news about the world outside
Say those who remain
Give me a hug, come hold me
I'm arriving
A thing that I like is being able to leave
Without having plans
Better yet is being able to return
When I want to

Everyday is a bustle
Life repeats itself at the station
There are people who come to stay
There are people who go, never to return
There are people who come who want to go back
There are people who go who want to remain
There are people who I only come to watch
There are people smiling and crying
And like this, arriving and departing

They are just two sides
Of the same trip
The train that arrives
Is the same train that leaves
The arrival time
Is also the time of departure
The platform of this station
Is the life of my world
Is the life of my world
Is life.


  1. interesting...I want to come to Boston just for your book club. I really miss you on xanga by the way, this is why I am stopping to comment. You are probably a quarter of the reason I have no motivation to blog much anymore....I am not commenting for you to come back, I just wanted to let you know that your presence is missed.

  2. Aww... :( *hugs* I miss you, too!

    I still lurk around xanga, actually, but yeah. The main reason I left was because Xanga, the site, was really obnoxious (the featured posts make it look like Jail Bait Cosmo) and I didn't feel like it was the correct backdrop for my blog. I didn't really leave because of any of you guys, at all, so I still try to keep up, but I must admit I didn't have time to keep up during Ramadan and have been bad about it since...

    But aww, I'm sad I'm missed! :( Thanks for stopping by, though!

    And it'd be so super awesome if you could be here in Boston for Africa Night/Book Club! It's literally the most intellectually stimulating experience I've had in all of my undergraduate/graduate experience! If you visit my site later, I'll tell you about it. :)

  3. wait a minute, guys actually attend book club meetings?

    it's funny I was having a conversation with a friend about this the other day. She was coming up with suggestions of places to meet, well guys.... and I was like, um book club? I think

    Send some of that happiness my way, I could use the diversion :-)

  4. @gazelle: Yes, our "book club" is actually mostly men. At many book club meetings, the ratio is usually 6:3 men:women, although I feel like this last one was more even, 7:5...still more men! I'm getting ready to post about the book club and a little bit more about Mystery Dude.

    I'll see if I can't send you some happiness in a little bit. ::bears down:: No, but seriously, you're in my du'as! :)