Saturday, September 11, 2010

Muslim FAIL

As salaam alaikum,


So, first I was almost served alcohol by a fellow Muslim. Yes. Oops. Thank God for my Daddy's super olfactory powers.

He felt really bad about it, though. But then he made up for it by kissing me on the cheek.

And I was like, exclamation point, then I was like, hrm...

Womp womp womp.

It's funny, I write about this "Muslim at the fringes" stuff in my story ("A Rose Much Desired"...yes, plug again), but when it happens to me in real life, I become, like, the haram police...

Inappropriate, bro!

I can't say too much because, like, I'm no angel (heh, grand understatement of the evening), but seriously, those two together means I spent tonight celebrating...

Muslim FAIL!

...this wasn't the substantive blog I promised, actually. This Ramadan was excellent for a lot of things, and I'll talk about those later.


Oh, and I discovered this Wordle sight on another sisters' page, and I Wordled my story. I put one version up on's another that's also cool (joking myself once again...)

The conformation of this is very interesting and telling about the story in some odd way. If you find an intersting word or name, ask and I will tell! But I will not give a punch line!

I also did one for this blog:

Computer? Really? Interesting conformation for this one, too...

I think I've had too much caffeine tonight. I need to do homework (!!) sounds so funny, but it's true! I haven't had homework in a year! I guess it could be worse...

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