Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A New Center of Awesomeness

As salaam alaikum,

So, after several days of moodiness, I am now dedicated to finding for myself a new center of awesomeness! Awesome!

...I mean, what else can you say to that?

What is going to be the focus of this new center? My writing projects!

So, insha'Allah, I'm finishing RMD. I think for fun as well, I'm going to attempt this campy story idea that I had as a teenager renamed "The Misadventures of Nisa," about a girl, Anisa Taylor (heh) who grows up in the burbs, has this killer crush on a childhood friend who moves away when they're 12 years old to go to music school in the city, dedicates her life to moving to the city after that...but by the time she moves to the city at 22, she doesn't remember why she was so hot to move to the city. Anyway, Nisa has a series of misadventures in the city, ultimately leading to her being evicted from her apartment and having to defend her possessions with a concealed weapon. She then experiences what she at first perceives as random acts of charity from strangers, who later indicate that her benefactor is none other than...very predictable, I know.

I've had this story idea for a while. There's even a song that goes with it.

Oh yeah, and this story is based in the 80s. So the song was an 80s-sounding song. I like it!

I also wanted to write a comedy novel of sorts, called, "Desperate Blackwomen," a play on Desperate Housewives, but these would feature all single black women...desperate for various reasons.

My inspiration? The desperate black women of HSPH (public health school), no less...of which I am one, I guess, though I didn't come to Boston to find a man...just saying..., running into one along the way...always preferred!

So I have ton of story ideas flowing, and I'm more excited to write them than ever...not because they're earth shattering, but because they sound like fun. These two ideas are definitely less serious than RMD. It almost makes me forget the fact that for some reason I've broken out into some kind of rash on my arms and elbows that I'm hoping is contact dermatitis vs. scabies. That's quite a wide differential, but I've never broken out into a rash like this makes me miss my smooth skin! I'll never take smooth, non-itchy skin for granted again!

...well, that's a lie, I probably will, soon after this rash clears! Allah (swt) have mercy on we who forget!

But yeah, Glee has returned! Jane Lynch kills it as Sue Sylvester every week! Oh yeah, and Brittany is probably my favorite of the kids...her one liners are hilarious.

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