Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm Baaaaaccccckkkkkk

As salaam alaikum,

So, for anyone who was uncomfortable/disapproved of my recent relationship...situation...I am so back from the dark side!

After a long conversation with my mother and realizations about what Allah (swt) really intends for me...not to mention those out there who are and were praying for me...I'm so over feeling slapped in the face, angry, depressed, sad, confused, helpless, hopeless, all of those things.

I tell you...never in my life have I been more cognizant of the presence and impact of Satan. I kept feeling uplifted today, I kept feeling like things were actually going to be more okay, that only good things are ahead now, and then there was this constant, nagging, nay-saying voice telling me that this wasn't the will of God. So finally I sought refuge with God from Satan and I felt better...once I realized what was up.

So yes, I'm back, new, improved, better than ever, experience under my belt, more reason to be thankful and more cognizant of my constant need to be repentant. I'm back, 26 and more starry-eyed than ever. I'm back, and I'm ready to realize the real love of my life. I'm back, and I am so so ready to take on the world!

I am truly blessed, Allah (swt) is truly Merciful, and I am truly on the way to my life being more awesome than I can imagine. I know it, I speak it here, witness it! Alhamdulillah!

It's not going to be the same as before. The cynicism is gone. I thought I didn't know how I want to be but I know now how I want to be.

...and I also have a lot of my free time back. What am I going to do with my free time? Pray more. Watch novelas. Write a story!

About what just happened? No. I need to give it some time. It'll make a great story though...I can see it now...

I'm thinking of writing something fun this time. My story idea, "The Misadventures of Nisa," for example. I'm almost done writing the song for that! Yes, there is a song with's called "Anisa Taylor." It's a fun song to write...I haven't written songs since I was a kid!

The problem is, it takes place in the 80s...I wish there were a website that characterized the way people talked in certain time periods. Why must I write it in the 80s? Because I love the 80s!

Anyway, I'm back, feeling big and beautiful. Look for me, I'll probably be back to clogging up the blogosphere with my nonsense!

Love y'all! <3

Jazakallah khair for the prayers! Keep 'em coming! Let me know, I can do the same for you, babes!

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  1. Hope you are still doing well. Make duaa for me as well. I will never be unhappy with them.