Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just Crazy

As salaam alaikum,

This has been the song of the day. It pretty much explains my reflection right now. Simple. Succinct. Not overly emotional, just sentimental enough. Repetitive like the thoughts are, captures the quiet astonishment. Dori Caymmi, "Só Louco."

Just crazy
He loved like I loved
Just crazy
He wanted the good that I wanted

Ah, foolish heart!
Why did you make me suffer?
Because to understand love
It's necessary to love?

Just crazy...

Amei! Hahaha, literally!

In other news, I sent B a final email, and I vowed not to contact him for a while, because I don't think it's actually helping me as I thought it would. However, I said everything I wanted to say, and I think that's sufficient for now. He's read it, no doubt, but he's not going to respond. I think weeks without seeing each other will be a good thing, not only so he understands what it's like to not have me in his life anymore but for me to be able to get back to a good baseline completely without too many residual feelings.

My hands are really dry. I need lotion.

In other, other news...Rep. Peter King? I haven't had energy to follow that fiasco. Achoo! I'm allergic to posturing. I will inform myself by catching up with the Daily Show and Colbert tomorrow, after I finish my last exam of the quarter. Two and a half months and I'm back to medical school...

And the struggle continues.

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