Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mom's Birthday / Eleventh Juz

As salaam alaikum,

On this day in 1954, my grandmother gave birth to my mother! On this day in 1985, my mother turned 31 and I was four days from being six months old!

Thank God for mothers who bring us into the world and allow us to grow from helpless babies to egocentric children!

For this juz, though this is not the first time a similar sentiment has been brought up, it's a nice reminder nonetheless that I feel like is on the vein of God knowing what we do not know about his purpose in creating human beings with the nature we have:

"And [know that] all mankind were once but one single community, and only later did they begin to hold divergent views. And had it not been for a decree that had already gone forth from thy Sustainer, all their differences would indeed have been settled [from the outset]." (10:19)

And there you have it! Think of all the people that people have slaughtered over the various physical, ideological, political, geographical, familial, tribal, whatever differences that separate us over time, think of all the strife...and if God so willed, none of that would exist. If God so willed, we could all be one community, we could all be believers...but that's not the way that we were made. Why?

Because He knows what we do not know.

So we can form our own morality and value system, for our development, so we can be judged accordingly, allowing us our free will, but why?

Only He knows. We can't know except as He allows.

How could you not surrender yourself to God? He alone knows why we're here by virtue of having created us with a purpose unknown to us. But we're not pawns. We don't understand our existence, we could have all been one, and we were once all one...

But because of our nature, most will not see that. Only the true believers and those of us stragglers are able to transcend the bonds of this world and really see what's up...


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