Saturday, August 27, 2011

Twenty Seventh Juz

As salaam alaikum,


"Have they themselves been created without anything? - or were they, perchance, their own creators?" (52:35).

I think I've thought about this a lot this month...the idea of humans thinking themselves self-made, when we couldn't conceive ourselves or nurse ourselves to the stage where we are more self-sufficient and independent of those who raised us.

I liked this, as well...especially the end.

"As for those who avoid the [truly] grave sins and shameful deeds--even though they may sometimes stumble--behold, thy Sustainer is abounding in forgiveness. He is fully aware of you when He brings you into being out of dust, and when you are still hidden in your mothers' wombs: do not, then, consider yourselves pure--[for] he knows best as to who is conscious of Him." (53:32)

We are not pure by our own unique merits...and God knows what is in our hearts.

And this is the least of what is in store for me, insha'Allah if I can be among those who attain to righteousness in this life - (56:27-40).

I'll hold fast to that and not fret about what I may not have in this life (yet) that I want...

Coming up...the new center of awesomeness returns...

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